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Landscapes Collection, 2021

The Landscapes image series was created with Python code. By setting several parameters, the result was randomly determined by the software. Changing the parameters allowed control of the units that make up the images and the "noise level" in the arrangement between them. Each run of the algorithm, even using the same parameters, creates a new random image.

I used this technique inspired by ascii art and computer text art, where you create figurative images consisting of text characters, but in this case, rather than an identified picture, using the random function led to the creation of abstract images. Even though the abstraction is created by a computer, it actually reminds of organic forms, such as the texture of tree trunks, the movement of water, or the topography of land areas.


The "natural" form created raises thoughts about the machine's ability to behave like a living organism. On the other hand, this can be seen as proof of the existence of pure mathematics within nature itself.


I transferred the images to the fabric with a screen printing technique, and so, they got out of the computer screen and into the physical world.

Photos: Hila Herman

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